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    “Digital mine” is a unified understanding and digital representation of the real mine and its related phenomena. It is a “virtual mine” that can truly reflect the process of mine development and operation.

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    “Digital mine” is a unified understanding and digital representation of the real mine and its related phenomena. It is a “virtual mine” that can truly reflect the process of mine development and operation. Digital mine system composition: Mechanical mechanism and equipment, electronic and electrical equipment. Transmission and communication system, monitoring and control system, data storage and processing system, interface and presentation system and decision and management system. (1)The basic data layer is the data acquisition and storage layer. Data acquisition includes the use of various technical means to obtain various forms of data and its preprocessing; data storage includes various types of databases, data files and graphic file libraries, etc. This layer provides some or all of the input data for subsequent layers. (2)The model layer is the presentation layer, such as three-dimensional and two-dimensional blocky models of space and mineral properties, mining geological models, stope models, geographic information system models, virtual reality models, and so on. This layer not only processes the data into intuitive, visual representations, but also provides input for optimization, simulation and design. (3)The simulation and optimization layer, such as process simulation, parameter optimization, design and planning program optimization etc. (4)The design layer is the computer-aided design layer. This layer provides the means to convert the optimization solution into an executable plan or directly to plan design. (5)The executive and control layer, such as automatic scheduling, automatic monitoring and control of process parameters and remote operations etc. This layer is the executor of the production plan. (6)The management layer includes MIS and office automation. (7)The decision support layer. Based on various information and the data processing results provided by the above layers, relevant analysis and prediction are carried out to provide policy makers with decision support at all levels.


    -For digitization of basic information

    -Virtualization of the production process

    -Integration of management and control

    -Integration of Decision Processing


    Whole Technological Design

    Toncin determines reasonable plans and selections by conducting more systematic laboratory tests, semi-industrialization tests and theoretical analysis calculations and adopting appropriate methods in light of the actual problems faced by customers. And it determines specific parameters through laboratory tests and semi-industrial tests.

    Project Construction

    Toncin can provide customers with integrated project services for its perfect project management system and experienced high-quality team and can also provide customers with its best services in achieving the ultimate project goal by carrying out the management work on the project quality, schedule, safety, cost, procurement, information files, organization and coordination etc. according to customer’s contractual documents. Toncin contracts the design, procurement, construction and trials etc. for the entire process or some certain stages of the construction project according to the contract and takes full liability for the quality, safety, duration and cost etc. of the contracted project.

    Response Time and After-sales Services

    If any failure due to a defect has occurred during the warranty period, our company has given the following response and promise: to respond within 12 hours and rush to the domestic scene within 72 hours. With a rigorous and efficient service architecture, diverse and flexible service and response means, Toncin is capable of providing response service up to 7* 24 hours to ensure that users can get help at any time during the warranty period.


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