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  • Single Multifilament Filter Cloth
  • Double-layer Monofilament Filter Cloth
  • Flocculant
  • Agricultural and Forestry Water-retaining Agent
  • Quartz Ceramic Crucible
  • FGD Vacuum Belt Dehydrator
  • ZPL Series Filter Cloth Type of Disc Dewatering Machine
  • SGN Deep Cone Paste Thickener
  • GNZ Centre Drive Efficient Thickener
  • DY Serial Filter Press
  • Ecological Airbag Bracing Dam
  • Rubber Dam
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
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  • Safety First
    Toncin always puts employees' health and safety in the most important position in the operation of the company. Toncin promotes a strong safety culture with bearing responsibility and accountability, sets a zero-injury, zero-accident, zero-pollution HSE strategic goal and makes every effort to ensure the health and safety of all employees, contractors, and other interested parties.
    Toncin HSE promises:
    Through strict management, we ensure that all our production activities comply with international practice, laws, regulations and local customs regarding safety, environment and health in the countries and regions.
    Implement effective safety, environmental and health training, education and risk control, providing strong manpower, material and financial resource support for this purpose.
    All departments and employees are required to take the lead in safety, environment and health and form conscious actions.
    To provide our customers and users with first-rate services and products that conform to safe environmental and health requirements.
    In any case, our safety, environment and health status shall be openly declareed.
    As well as asking our contractors and suppliers to follow the same safety, environmental and health commitments.