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    Double-layer Monofilament Filter Cloth
    Double-layer filter cloth refers to that the filter cloth is divided into two layers on the organizational structure, the upper layer is a fine filter layer, and the lower layer is a keel support layer.
    HVPF Filter Cloth

    Service Support

    Whole Technological Design

    Toncin determines reasonable plans and selections by conducting more systematic laboratory tests, semi-industrialization tests and theoretical analysis calculations and adopting appropriate methods in light of the actual problems faced by customers. And it determines specific parameters through laboratory tests and semi-industrial tests.

    Response Time and After-sales Services

    If any failure due to a defect has occurred during the warranty period, our company has given the following response and promise: to respond within 12 hours and rush to the domestic scene within 72 hours. With a rigorous and efficient service architecture, diverse and flexible service and response means, Toncin is capable of providing response service up to 7* 24 hours to ensure that users can get help at any time during the warranty period.

    Product Advantages

    -The filter cloth has uniform air permeability and good water permeability

    -The filter cake has good peel-ability, not easy to make clog.

    -It has good recycling properties and long service life.

    -The filer cloth has wide application range, and it is convenient to select filter cloth.

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