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  • Establish and improve the early warning mechanism and risk management and control mechanism, focusing on solving the normative problems of internal control issues and financial accounting, perfecting the internal control system management system to deal with the increasingly complex external market environment and the internal business environment that is more and more difficult for management and decision-making with continuous expansion of the company’s business scale and business field so as to create good business atmosphere for the company’s rapid development.
    The continuous attention and strict supervision of the state in the areas of employee rights, security, and environmental protection have made the management of the company's health, environment, and safety increasingly important. The company will carry out in-depth HSE publicity and education, strengthen the HSE system construction, improve the quality and awareness of all members of HSE, further standardize the construction of grass-roots HSE systems, promote the overall level of HSE management at the grass-roots level, and provide a strong guarantee for the normal production and operation of the company.
    Fully implement the safety production responsibility system, raise the safety awareness of all employees, create a good safety atmosphere, and improve the level of HSE management. Gradually cultivate employees' good safety operation habits, increase incentives and punishments on safety and environmental protection assessments, and ensure that the number of safety accidents, such as work injuries, increases negatively.
    Annual production safety goals:
    (1) There is no major personal injury or death;
    (2) No major fire and explosion accidents;
    (3)No major equipment accident;;
    (4) No major liability accident;
    (5) The rate of education and training for production safety is 100%;
    (6) All special operation personnel shall be with certificates.
    HSE Management System Certification
    Toncin Management System Certification