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    In June 2016, we formed a group of companies.

    I. group overview.

    At present, the group of companies include Hejing Ceramic New Material Co., LTD., Sunny Rubber Co., LTD., Sunny Environmental Protection Co., LTD., Huzhou hehui machinery co., LTD., etc.. Sunny Enviroment Protection belongs to filtration separation equipment and technology and the main products are filter separation products. Hejing ceramic produce ceramic palte for ceramic filters and we develop our own ceramic crucible industry which is an key auxiliary materials for solar polysilicon casting field and Hejing developed into a research and development of domestic important crucible manufacturing enterprise. Sunny rubber's main products are rubber filter belt, rubber conveyor belt, rubber dam, ecological air bag support dam, and other products and rubber filter belt is mainly for the group company's matched filter. Products are widely used in urban water conservancy construction, the ministry of water resources expert appraisal, reached the international advanced technology level. Xinghe filtration Technology's products are filter cloth for filters. Langxin Aviation focuse on research unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Jingjiu Intelligent focuse on packaging machine. At present, the group company has basically formed the industrial pattern which is mainly based on filter separation machinery, new material industry and automation industry.

    enterprise spirit
    Enterprise Spirit

    Unity Integrity Diligence Innovation

    Corporate Values

    Responsibility Dedication Harmony

    Core Competence

    People Oriented Sustainable Innovation

    Operation Philosophy

    Diligent Manufacture, Sincere Service

    Enterprise Tenet

    Creating Wealth for Society; Letting Employees Realize their Value

    Enterprise Strategy

    Concentric Pluralism - strengthen the industrial chain

    Person-employing View

    Morality if First; Credit is important;

    Innovation Concept

    Market Innovation, Production Innovation , Management Innovation

    Quality Policy

    Customer First, Whole Staff Participation, Continuous Improvement

    Enterprise Objective

    Being as world-class creative science and technology group

    Enterprise Mission

    Carrying forward Chinese Creation, Establishing International Brand


    Reviewing the past, we are ready for fight and have had high combat effectiveness by 24years of tempering in the market. Looking into the future, for our profound knowledge, we will scale new heights, uncover the overall arrangement, rapidly step into new page and create more brilliant achievements.

  • 1993

    1993 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 1993, the annual output value first broke million, up to 3.5 million yuan

  • 1995

    1995 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 1995, Nuclear industry Yantai Toncin Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded

  • 1997

    1997 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 1997, the annual output value first broke million, up to 3.5 million yuan

  • 2000

    2000 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 2000, the annual output value over ten million yuan.

    The maximum contract since the establishment entered into with Roche Central Asia Group, which included 9 sets of equipment with total price of 5.86 million yuan, and laid the foundation of enterprise’s development.

  • 2001

    2001 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 2001, The newly built workshop 1000 m2

  • 2002

    2002 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 2002, the automation company was set up, specialized in control system development and production.
    Becoming the leading enterprise of belt filter in China

  • 2004

    2004 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 2004, Yantai Sunny Hexing Environment Protection Equipment Company was established, engaging in FGD project;
    Two sets of filter with value of $100000dollars were firstly exported into Israel.

  • 2005

    2005 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 2005, the annual production value was 139 million yuan, over the 100 million yuan mark for the first time; and the factory was moved into Songshan Industrial Park.

  • 2006

    2006 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 2006, signing a contract of $124 million including 57 sets of belt filters for the largest equipment order in the world.

  • 2007

    2007 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 2007, developed the ceramic filter plate, founding the CeramicDivision, presently, it is largest domestic production base.

  • 2008

    2008 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 2008, the production value broken through 500milion yuan; Xinghe Filtration Science and Technology Company was launched, specializing in filtration cloth study and production.

  • 2010

    2010 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 2010, Yantai Nucleation Ceramic Company was set up, engaging in solar crucible business.

  • 2012

    2012 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 2012, the production value broke 1billion yuan, ranking the first in filter industry for 10 consecutive years.

  • 2015

    2015 Sliding the mouse wheel

    In 2015, three kinds of product belt filter, ceramic filter and vertical filter press continue to keep domestic leading position.

  • honer